Bradley Roberts Appeals For Unity In North Andros

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viagra buy patient times;”>In a speech delivered to the North Andros Branch of the PLP on 11 September, Chairman Bradley Roberts delivered a call for unity in the PLP:

I turn my attention to the issue of unity. I hasten to remind all that your enemy is not in this room nor is it within our great organization. Your enemy is without – on the outside looking in and is seeking to do whatever it takes to remove you from the governance of this country. We can ill afford bickering, back-biting, discord and personal agendas as an organization preparing itself for a general election. My brothers and sisters, we need all hands on deck – working on one agenda – the party’s agenda which is to return this government to power. We cannot return to the dark days of the FNM with neglect and spitefulness. You had no economy three years ago and today, you have the foundations of a sound economy that promises to deliver essential gods and services to Bahamians and visitors alike. We must continue this wonderful journey together and bring BAMSI and all of North Andros to their fullest potential.