Bradley Roberts On Andre Rollins

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viagra buy times;”>Speaking at the Ft Charlotte Branch of the PLP’s monthly meeting on 8th March, PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts acknowledged the poor representation of Andre Rollins the MP who has since left the PLP and announced that there would soon be a response to the request of Alfred Sears Q C to return to the seat:

Since all politics is local, I turn my attention to the concerns of Fort Charlotte. As the national chairman, I wish to immediately and simply acknowledge to you that both the National Party and Branch made a wrong choice in ratifying Dr. Andre Rollins in 2012.

I apologize for that, but that bad experience does not dissuade the party in any way from being a big tent that offers a national platform for young Bahamian leaders to make meaningful contributions to the development of our country. The PLP is still an open party with a big tent. 

You expressed disappointment in his representation of Ft Charlotte and we hear you. I am advised that notwithstanding the government’s monthly constituency allowance, he left behind a large electricity bill in excess of $10,000.00 at the Ft. Charlotte Community Centre where his Constituency headquarters was located. Dr. Rollins simply failed to pay the electricity bill. This is unacceptable.

I am further advised that Dr. Rollins was aloof, rarely attended monthly meetings, rarely held constituency office hours and when he resigned from the PLP, he declared that he would not join the FNM as that organization was not the answer for the way forward for The Bahamas. The words were not fully out of his mouth when he did an about face and induced his buddy Renward ‘LOI’ Wells to jump on Hubert Minnis’ divided fractured FNM bandwagon. An unreliable bill ducker who is not true to his word is bound to be a failure in public life.  

Ft. Charlotte there it is no secret that you were pleased with the quality of representation delivered by your former dynamic MP for the period 2002 to 2012 in the name of Alfred Sears. In stark contrast to Dr. Rollins, he is a man of integrity, honesty, hardworking, engaging and a straight shooter about what he could and could not do for his constituents. He was visible in his constituency and always accessible. These are the fundamental qualities that constituents desire in their representative. 

The good news I have tonight is to affirm that the National Party will shortly respond to the unanimous request of your branch to approve the application of your former MP the Hon. Alfred Sears to be the party’s candidate here in Fort Charlotte in the 2017 General Elections. Mr. Sears has expressed a desire to return to frontline politics, you want him as your representative and with the blessings of the party, this fruitful political marriage should continue.