Bradley Roberts Statement On “ The Scrap Gang” Controversy

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discount cialis and times;”>There was a lively debate during the week since the statement below was issued by the Chair of the PLP in response to the announcement of the first eight candidates from the FNM for the 2017 General Election.  The Chair referred to the eight as a scrap gang.  That did not go over well with FNMs certainly and some PLPs.  Perhaps he ought to have said they are less than stellar.  Brensil Rolle posted a bit of personal nastiness about Mr. Roberts in response.  But one PLP defended it saying that he is the Chairman of the PLP so what do you expect him to say? The Chair is supposed to provide the red meat for the faithful and trash the other side, patient no politeness in this business. If you look back into history, and eat some of the dispatches by the British Governor at the time the PLP was in Opposition, the Governors did not think much of the PLP at all. In the end we believe that all ideas should contend and if you are faint hearted then don’t  mess with politics.  The full statement is below: 

11th January 2016 

While the Free National Movement has a right to select candidates of their own peculiar choosing, we in the governing Progressive Liberal Party are amazed at the choice of hapless, perennial losers and visionless personalities comprising the initial group of eight. 

It was Dr. Minnis who keeps saying how he wants to build this “NEW BAHAMAS” which he says require a new vision and that he will recruit the “best and the brightest” (his words) to achieve this. 

Well I invite the Bahamian people to review Minnis’ “initial handiwork of eight” and draw their initial judgment. Dr. Minnis’ decision-making skills are in a fish bowl and under a microscope because the future of The Bahamas is at stake. 

We in the PLP expected (and reasonably so) that Dr. Minnis’ candidate choices would reflect the skill sets and competencies required to connect with voters and inspire their confidence in addressing the challenges facing The Bahamas. Instead he seemed to have quickly thrown together a disparate group of individuals whose singular qualification must have been their blind allegiance to Dr. Minnis’ blind leadership ambition and maintenance in the face of continuous challenges to his leadership and the constant public torment, taunting, affront and ridicule he faces from his detractors, led by Mrs. Loretta Butler Turner, the FNM MP for Long Island. 

In his desperate attempt at political survival, Minnis apparently rummaged through Hubert Ingraham’s political junkyard (or graveyard) and salvaged what could only be described as a “POLITCAL SCRAP GANG!” 


I offer Dr. Minnis some unsolicited political advice: The Bahamian people, a discerning, informed and responsible electorate, will not be insulted with slim political pickings that fail to inspire their confidence in the areas of competence, community linkages and electability. 

This initial group of eight might very well be nice guys, but there is a huge difference between having a social drink at Olives or the Fish Fry with a group of nice guys and assembling a competent team of proven and committed leaders ready and able to effectively address the myriad of daunting challenges facing our country while negotiating our strategic positions in the region and in the world. 

Read the dispatches in Sir Cliff’s book about the Governor thought about the PLP at the time.