Bran McCartney’s Supreme Ego

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viagra usa remedy times;”>DNA Leader Bran McCartney fixing his secret Good Friday sauce.

This was posted on his Facebook page on Good Friday.  It is a window into the soul of Mr. McCartney.  He was before that seeking to defend the indefensible when he said that the Minister of State Keith Bell was wrong for saying that the police force will deal with the Police Staff Association people for joining a political demonstration.  The Commissioner must do so.  Policemen have no place in politics.  If they want to be politicians, leave the Force and run for office.  Mr. McCartney must say if he becomes Prime Minister will he change this rule.  We doubt it. So all the histrionics about it should stop and he ought to apologise and stand up for the rules not lawlessness from policemen.  In the meantime, here was his boast about his food:

Preparing for my traditional Good Friday meal. The goggle eyes and snappers were seasoned with the ancient Branville secret seasoning last night. The crabs were also seasoned last night with, you guessed it, the ancient secret! On the menu today…Crab & Grits, fried snapper, baked snapper, fried goggle eye, coleslaw and plantains. Oh yes…the hot cross buns are hot and ready to go.