Branville McCartney Has The Disease Of Irrelevance

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viagra canada recipe times;”> image026anville McCartney who heads the extra parliamentary group called the Democratic National Alliance spoke to the TV 12 News Team to accuse the government of being amateurish in the way it was approaching the problem of passports.  He claimed that he would if he had been the government within days bought the system from countries where the system works and the issue would be solved.   This man is struggling to be relevant.  He just doesn’t get. He is irrelevant.  Perhaps he should just take a step back and read plain English.  The new system has already been ordered and is being designed.  There is no magic formula for getting it here within a couple of months.  The payments, the design, the building, the training, the rollout,.  All of that takes time. In the meantime, the country struggles with an old system that was bought in 2008 and needs replacement.  Mr. McCartney, go get a  life.