Brave Davis Draws Attention To The Straw Market

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17 October 2019

My office has received complaints today about alleged threats by the authorities at the Nassau Straw Market to the employees of the Corporation.

They have been told that their jobs are in jeopardy as at 1st January 2020. I would like to know why such a thing would be said and what the reason for laying off staff members is.

In addition, I am advised that the Corporation may be in violation of the labour laws in that they are demanding that employees show up on Saturdays and days off to attend what are called mandatory staff meetings but not being offered compensation or time off in lieu.

This worries me because earlier this week, the Corporation locked out scores of vendors because of rent payments being in arrears or so it is alleged and they did so without warning.  

These are not the times to be playing tough, fast and loose with people’s livelihoods.