Brave’s Opportunity To Succeed

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Tribune photo on the day Philip Brave Davis Returned home from Atlanta

This election coming up is shaping up to be the PLP’s to lose or more particularly Philip Brave Davis’ to lose. The stars seem to be aligning in the direction of a clear and decisive election victory for the PLP.  Mr. Davis has been quietly and patiently reconstructing a party left in ruins after the 2017 election loss. The party seems to have gotten its sea legs.  However there is a concerted campaign by the FNM to attack Mr. Davis as not fit and proper. This is fed by some elements within the PLP who identify with class and racial prejudice who  feed the FNM narrative. This country has some deep racist roots. People who are phenotypically black have a rough road to go when it comes to  accepting them as  being equals. The fact that Mr. Davis comes from Rolle Avenue which has always been seen as the servant culture for the people in Sears Addition is another factor at work. But we think that this is Brave’s time and we think he ought to be given a fair shot and decisions should be made on ability, content of character, not prejudice.  Just look at the facts: are you better off than you were three years ago?  If the answer to that question is clearly “no” , then the choice is the PLP to  give the PLP a shot at making things better. Hubert Minnis has proven to be a bad experiment and a failure. This is Brave’s opportunity to succeed.