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Speaking at the National Progressive Institute Forum on Tuesday 4 February 2020, Leader of the PLP Philip Davis outlined these principles, that will undergird the policies of the PLP in office:

I wish to share at least ten guiding principles that will undergird the programs, policies and strategic plan of the next PLP government of which I will lead. 

  1. A strong safety net that leaves none behind and upholds the dignity of all.
  • A resilient physical and natural environment to withstand the vagaries of natural disasters.
  • A population equipped to be productive participants – from civic engagement and the economy to cultural expressions and the labour market through a vibrant system of education.
  • Expanded Bahamian ownership in all sectors of the economy for which there is an unleashing of our natural ability to be imaginative and innovative. We call this ECONOMIC PATRIOTISM. This BRAVE economic principle will be the hallmark and cornerstone of my administration. 
  • The further establishment of an enabling environment that facilitates investment, domestic and foreign, in the Bahamian economy and fosters innovation and creativity.
  • The enhancement and empowerment of our communities through meaningful engagement and collaboration.
  • A refocus and rededication to the further empowerment and development of our youth through sports, education, training and entrepreneurship.
  • A guarding of our heritage to deepen our understanding of ourselves and the preservation of symbols of identity, both tangible and intangible.
  • The promotion of a sustainable culture of peace in which the rights of the individual and their obligations to society are respected and the Rule of Law is preeminent.
  1. A strengthened and modernized public service in which opportunities for advancement are based on merit and ability and the ethos of professionalism is imbued as a guiding principle.