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generic viagra times;”>17 June 2016

In the ongoing warfare in the FNM, there is a new twist.  Brent Symonette, the former Deputy Prime Minister, has said that Loretta Butler Turner, who ran against Mr. Minnis for Leader of the FNM is more popular today than he is.  He wants Mrs. Butler Turner to run for leader at the next convention. Here is what he said in his own words.  

Why do you think this all has to come out in the newspapers:

 “I think when you look at the numbers, she is one of the highest ranking contenders. She ranks higher than Minnis in the country. 

 “I have to qualify that comment, that was a poll done in the Bahamas. Now the qualification, the convention of some 400 people are the ones that elect the leader, now I’m not sure how many of the poll are in the council, but if the council were truly reflective of the mood of the country, the writing would be on the wall that Dr Minnis is not the favourite.”