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What is Brent Symonette up to?  He left the Cabinet after it was revealed hat some 53 million dollars of contracts from the Government were awarded to companies associated with him.  Not bad for three years’ work.  Since then he has been sitting on the back bench, sniping or shall we say making pointed comments from the back bench.  The latest was last week, he did to attend the meeting of the House of Assembly after a staff member tested positive for Covid 19.  Despite his FNM government’ s assurance that it was safe to come to the House when it met on 16 September, he joined the PLP MPs in not showing up.  He told the press that he thought that it was not the right thing to do and it sent out the wrong message  to the country. Mr. Symonette does not plan to run again. The Prime Minister wants to put Renward Wells in the St Anne’s seat but Mr. Symonette has other plans.  Shall the twain ever meet?