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The relentless attacks by his own side have continued ever since Peter Turnquest fell on his sword on 25 November 2020, admitting that he had to go as Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister.  The jockeying began immediately as to who would replace him.  Many said it would Renward Wells the ambitious and unprincipled Minister of Health.  The bets are though it will be Desmond Bannister, the Minister of Works.  He will become Deputy Prime Minister.  He is scheduled to retire from politics at the next general election.

The most curious candidate of all in this mess of assassins has a been Brent Symonette.  Mr. Symonette, having inherited the wealth of his Mummy and Daddy, the Daddy being the country’s first Premier, resigned first under Hubert Ingraham for ethical improprieties and then announced last year that he was retiring from the Cabinet because he had reached the age of 65.  The real story was that he ran into trouble because he rented his building to the Government in a shameless act of self-dealing.

Suddenly into the Peter Turnquest mess, Mr. Symonette has emerged. The day or so before Mr. Turnquest resigned, he was asked by the press what he thought about the resignation, his answer was that Peter Turnquest should be given a few days to think about it.  That was what you call a less than ringing endorsement.

Then Peter Turnquest resigned and Mr. Symonette was asked what he thought about the resignation.  His answer was he thought that Peter Turnquest was right to resign.

Then a few days later, surprise, surprise, the press asked him again and this time he said that if he were offered the job, he would take Minister of Finance in a heartbeat.

So, it looks like he set poor Peter Turnquest up, pushed the assassin through the nursery door and then feeling quite pleased with himself said “I will take the job”.

We bet Peter Turnquest never knew he was sitting with such a treacherous bunch.