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Last week there was an amusing headline in the press when The Tribune on Friday 18 August reported that Brent Symonette, the only white man in Hubert Minnis Cabinet and the richest of the MPs at net worth 156 million, and the representative of the United Bahamian Party (UBP), the old Bay Street Boys, told the Government that the austerity measures that were ordered by the Government don’t and will not affect immigration.  Mr. Symonette is the Minister for Immigration.  He then went on to explain during his tour of the Department exactly what Fred Mitchell, his predecessor, had said for five years. He did not change the script, not a word, nothing.  This should cause every PLP to smile.  It is yet another example of the lying FNM and how they came to power. Say anything, do anything.  Just win. Lie if you have to.  Hubert Minnis, the Prime Minister, had earlier announced that there would be a ten per cent cut across the board for all pubic expenses.  Brent Symonette said not for him.