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Attorney General Carl Bethel

Report Card # 5.  Attorney General, Carl Bethel

“When you are rich don’t squander, and when you are poor, don’t cry”!!!!

The Bahamia people have lost patience waiting to finish of the last portion of that old  wise saying, “Today for you, tomorrow for me”!!!.

Two years into  Dr. Minnis’ and his FNM administration, all the  goodwill is gone.  The celebrations have turned into wholesale despair, and hopelessness.  It has become clear to all, that would look with a critical eye, that an Uncle Tom and Puppet has become a prime minister, and now leads our country. The Old Bay Street merchants class along with wealthy foreign money interest have captured a  once  proud and emancipated people’s government; and, has now executed a plan of action that would divide our people into a state of The Haves, and The Have Nots.  If this wicked scheme is not stopped dead in its tracks, our Bahamas will only have the rich or the poor in the Commonwealth, like  our neighbors to the south.   

Last  week, the immigration  Act was amended to dilute the citizenship right of Bahamians. Despite widespread push back from civil society, puppet master, Brent Symonette had his way, Carl Bethel, Attorney General and  Government leader in the Senate disgraced himself, and his generation of leaders, leading his FNM parliamentary colleagues like Lemmings, over the cliff to destruction; the job of nullifying Bahamianization is now complete. In calling wrong right, history will treat Carl unkindly for the damage and setback that this legislation has caused the  Bahamians.  Power, Prestige, and Position has caused my once Kiwanis brother to lose his way. He has so easily discarded the precepts he once held dear.

Attorney General Bethel will have to  accept  full responsibility for the political prosecutions now under way.  Like Cardinal Wolseley, he will look back over this portion of his life with deep regret, and despair.  “IF I have  served my God as I have served my king”!!!!  For blind ambition and shameless devotion to party, he receives a worthless grade of D-.