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Minister Quasi Thompson gave new meaning to the children’s game of Pin the tail on the donkey. The Bahamian people play acting as the Donkey. Minister Thompson disclosed that the Government was about to purchase the Hurricane damaged Grand Bahama International Airport which was severely damaged by hurricane Dorian in September 2019.

Under the terms of the Hawksbill Creek Agreement, the airport remains the responsibility of The Grand Bahama Port Authority until 2054 when the 99-year Lease agreement comes to an end.

It is believed that the airport was insured, but the Port Authority’s managing partners, Hutchison Port Holdings refuse to restore the operation to its former Operations level.

This could be considered an abrogation of the Hawksbill Creek Agreement should Hutchison refused to restore the airport to pre Dorian standards.

In the midst off a Covid- 19 surge on Grand Bahama, the government’s focus should be on a fit and decent hospital for the people of GB. Saving lives is the priority at this time. The airport fight will and must come on another day. Our people are in distress, and must always, come first. Focus Please.

To demonstrate impotence In the face of adversity is to fail the Bahamian people in this time of need. Man up and stand up, Leaders.

We are not donkies. I need you to critically think about what I have written.