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Prime Minister’s Ingraham, Christie, and Minnis: All Wrong on WTO

The development goals for the Commonwealth of the Bahamas and, the mechanism for what it will take for our people to truly possess the land that will empower and uplift us all is at odds with the system known as WTO. In fact, it is an anathema to our well being because they are diametrically opposed to our development goals.

Like a moth headed to the flame of destruction, our leaders, former PMs Ingraham and Christie, and the present leader Minnis have no appreciation of what God has given us to possess. Additionally, we have been strategically situated geographically 60 miles east of the USA, the market place to the world that we have not fully exploited. We, like the children of Israel, our leaders want a king (WTO) to lord over us like the other nations. How short-sighted, ungrateful, and unthankful. Their world view, simply put, is misguided.

Today, war is no longer fought on the fields of battle with artillery shells but instead, in the boardrooms of Brussels and Geneva. Organizations comprising G20, EU, and OECD; it is from these boardrooms that the modern artillery shells loaded with war heads, filled with weaponized tools such as black listings, and all manner of ruinous sanctions, and threats explode on the battlefields of developing countries like the Bahamas. They have one goal in mind, subjugation of our peoples, and conquest of all our territorial integrity. Creating a new world order is the ultimate goal.

We, therefore, have two options: we seek the face of the God of our fathers praying for wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to navigate the onslaught of these new challenges, of a new world order. The other option is to hoist the white flag and surrender foolishly dooming our children back into a life of bondage. Our experience in banking over the past 18 years should have taught us that the goal post is constantly moving. A deal is not a deal but, (Might) is, in fact, right.