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The FNM And Foreign Investment

Foreign direct investment is an expedient tool used to developed our country, the Bahamas, 48 years after Independence. Foreign Direct Investment under this weak FNM government has become a yoke of oppression and bondage for beach vendors, hotel workers, and the average citizen. It should never be used as a tool to subjugate our people; or, as an instrument to use our people as doormats by big money interests. Sadly, this FNM Administration has adopted the path of subjugation and jelly back weakness in leadership, and is unwilling in defending our people in the hospitality industry. Now the people cry out for relief, and find none.

These Isles of June comprising seven hundred (700) islands and cays are nestled geographically next door to the USA, the largest and most lucrative tourism market in the world. These islands are sparsely populated and is considered Virgin territory and Gemstones of beauty ready for further development. Therefore, any government looks to forge relationships with persons of good will should come to the negotiating table with a strong hand. The Bahamas supplies, the (destination) Location, Location, Location and labour; the investor on the other hand will supply the investment capital. This relationship, however, must be grounded in “mutual respect” taking into account the cultural norms that do not rob our people of their Dignity and Self-Worth as Bahamian. Empowering our citizens MUST be part and parcel of these negotiations. This is expected of any government worth its salt in seeking Foreign Direct Investment. A win-win for all concerned.

Minister Michael Pintard in recent days has admitted on behalf of the FNM government that this government has made rookie mistakes (In other words cannot negotiate). Minister Jeff Lloyd, in a recent TV interview, went further and said that his government messed up and broke the law. (In other words the rookies are in over their heads around the negotiating table).

Four other ministers have had to resign, another minister (NIB) now suffers the humiliation of losing his renomination, and is now a lame duck. It appears he is too weak and embarrassed to take the honourable course of action and resign as a minister.

All the gains made since attaining majority rule in 1967 are now under threat. In four short years, an Emboldened Ugly investors have insulted our people on Paradise Island, and our government. The investor has instinctively detected cowardice. The grovelling weak-kneed, apologetic tourism minister has responded with public laments and impotence, how sad. In recent weeks, these same MP’s have shamelessly been knocking on doors asking the populace to give them another opportunity to turn the clock back, and give them four more years of FNM rule. Should this happen God forbid, will there still be an independent Commonwealth of the Bahamas to celebrate?? For the sake of your children and your grandchildren, turn them away, please.

“Woe to a people when a slave becomes king.”

Brian Seymour