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Prince George’s Wharf

Since 1718, when the first Royal Governor, Woodes Rogers, expelled the pirates from the city of Nassau, the harbor has been under the control of the indigenous people of the Bahamas.

45 years, after the attainment of Independence,  thirty-five (35) members of the governing party, The Free National Movement, is preparing to sell 50% of the country’s “crown jewel”, the port of Nassau.  This port is strategically place 180 miles east of Miami, Florida; 100% control of Nassau’s harbor is in our country’s economic and national security interest.  To give even 1% of Prince George’s Wharf to a foreign interest falls short of engaging in a treasonous act.  Only a slave, devoid of self esteem, would consider such an idea.

It appears the lessons of BTC has taught us nothing. As a proud Bahamian,  I know we can do better than this short-sighted proposal to welcome strangers into our gates to enrich themselves, and Lord over us, because anything foreign has to be of greater value, than a Bahamian.  This Administration has no shame.

In making a pitch for the sale of the port, a conceptual video was released to the public displaying the visual of how the port when completed.  The video demonstrated that education does not equate to common sense.  The video, firstly, looked like a Disney’s Epcot Center design, secondly, the architectural theme used a lot of metals  and lights were not thought out properly.  The colonial island theme seemed taboo.  This is what tourists expect to see, when they visit our Islands, not a Disney concept.

Architects, Engineers, and Parents:  why are you spending in The sums of money to educate your sons and daughters at colleges and universities around the world; if our government will not give its Citizens a fair opportunity at building and developing this country?

In life, there is nothing worse than leaders who suffer from inferior complexes.  Leaders who deem patriotism as a concept, to be easily dismissed in favor of foreign interest.  Leaders who will allow strangers within our gates, who they believe love this country more than its own people.

When will we become masters of our own fate, rather than strangers.  It seems that this FNM government is seeking to March a Free and Independent people back to “Egypt’s” bondage.  “Woe to the land when a servant becomes king.”  The Bible, indeed, is true.

Brian Seymour