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viagra canada troche times;”>bseymourThere is an old saying, doctor there is no friendship in trade. In business we need not like each other, see but at all times, we should treat each other with dignity and respect. This point, however, was lost on the CEO of BAHMAR, Sarkis Izmirilian who lashed out at his general contractor China Construction Company, and then, the government of the Bahamas at a Chamber of Commerce conclave in New Providence this past week.
 Izmirilian must have woken up on the wrong side of his bed and smelled himself. The sheer arrogance that wealth sometime brings does not bode well for the future viability of his 3.4 billion dollar investment. To blame the government and people for his failings thus far is not helpful to his cause. Izmirilian should keep in mind that Emancipation of slaves came to an end in August 1833. An investment of 3.5 billion dollars does not give you the right to make rules as you go along and have your way with the native population. If there is nothing good about this government, or its people by extension, why did you invest so much of your own capital in our capital city? If your project is to be successful, you will need cooperation from the government and workers. “A humble child tastes the grace of God.” 
How is it that your competitors on Paradise Island have found the right balance to make a success of a similar project at Atlantis with a Bahamian workforce, the same Bahamians that you so willingly disparaged? Bahamian labor built Atlantis on schedule, time, and maintained budget. 
The response from the government came from tourism Minister, Obie Wilchcombe who said it was not helpful to engage in a public fight and hopes to move forward. With the greatest respect, Izmirilian has brought grave offence to all our people, and therefore, should retract his comments. In trying to appease a hot head seldom works. Dr. Hubert Minnis’ response was that of a slave whose spirit has been broken, he would do well to read the Willie Lynch Letters. He did not have the courage to see that he was included in the grave insult. He, instead, tried to blame the PLP. This is coming from a man who wishes to lead the Bahamian people. 
Brian Seymour