Brian Seymour Writes From Grand Bahama Upending The Freeport News

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Editor of the Freeport News

Dear Editor,

Your Thursday, March 5th, publication of the Freeport News under the heading “PLP Image Low Key” in Grand Bahama by Fred Sturrup, you incorrectly and erroneously stated that one Brian Seymour is the spokesperson for the PLP on Grand Bahama, that sir, is a falsehood.
As a paper of record, I call upon you to immediately retract your erroneous statement. I consider your statement about me, a private citizen, insulting and disparaging to my character.

The Freeport News is a broad sheet, a local paper of record, and not a tabloid. It is regrettable that you did not seek competent sources for your article instead of using disgruntled malcontents with a hidden agenda; who has obviously not come to terms with the new leadership team of The PLP: Philip Davis, Leader, Chester Cooper, Deputy Leader, Fred Mitchell, Chairman, Robin Lynes, Deputy Chairwoman, and Barbara Cartwright, Secretary General; for Grand Bahama, Julian Sawyer (Vice-Chairman G.B.) and Chala Cartwright (Assistant Secretary-General G.B.). These are the officers that constitute the leadership of the PLP.
To insert myself in your story is engaging in sloppy and yellow journalism. Your story was further laced with other inaccuracies about the structure of the PLP in Grand Bahama inclusive of the branches. A check, again, with competent sources for information about the PLP would have revealed that there are nine (9) active branches and four (4) auxiliary or affiliate organizations that the PLP operate in Grand Bahama. The chairman, I believe, will No Doubt speak to other issues of inaccuracies characterized in your story.

In the newspaper business, the organization rises or falls on the FACTS. It is an old adage, which says, “Facts are Stubborn”, and they do not change. So as a senior writer, you should know this is journalism 101.

As for me, I am a private citizen, and all my public statements since the passage of hurricane Dorian last September, which left my home destroyed and family business severely damaged; I have been on a personal Crusade with the single purpose of effecting a speedy recovery and clean up of the surrounding area where I reside in east Grand Bahama, Royal Palm Bay/ Sentinel Bay. My area remains almost untouched by the delinquent developers, Lucaya Services Co., and the absentee Member of Parliament, The Honorable Peter Turnquest, who lives approximately 2.2miles away. Six months after the passage of that dreaded storm, Turnquest has refused to say one word in response to the lack of attention given in the area that he represents.

The Freeport news has skillfully avoided any coverage of this Injustice that has been visited upon the residence of my area. You have chosen to focus on the opposition who have no seats in Grand Bahama, and no legislative power to effect change, instead of focusing on the subpar performance of the FNM and the Minnis /Turnquest government. The editor has chosen to levy an unprovoked attack on a private citizen immersed in recovery efforts, and the opposition, the PLP. What a curious State of Affairs, and what should the public now deduce from the actions of the editor of the Freeport news, one Fred Sturrup?

Finally editor, I would encourage you to correct your story post haste or I shall seek another remedy.

These photos represent what I have been fighting for: Effective and immediate clean up of the Palm Bay community.