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(The Freeport Garbage Landfill)

Brian Seymour

December 5 at 1:12 PM

Minister Pintard: We have a problem.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Resources in Grand Bahama has found an ingenious method through a misreading of the law to expropriate from the residents of Grand Bahama meat products; if, they do not possess a $2.00 permit on their return from shopping in South Florida, and if, they purchased more than 50 lbs. of USDA meat products, this gives Agriculture inspectors the right to confiscate these items. This scheme could have only been hatched in the pits of hell by persons whose consciences have been Seared. The net result of this enforcement is to oppress the poor, and the least of these, among us.

The role of the agricultural office is to ensure that health and safety standards are met in the public interest at the border, and where applicable, protect the local industry by way of introducing tariffs. Meats do not attract customs duty. In a Democratic Society, we have free choice, that is, to purchase as we see fit.

It is wrong for the Department of Agriculture to confiscate individual’s meat; and immediately dispose of the meat products in the city’s landfill, because they do not have a $2.00 Phyto permit. To deny due process, or the right of opportunity to appeal the decision of the Agricultural officer, goes against the process of Natural Justice. WHO oppresses the poor? I perceive that Mischief is afoot. WOE to those who oppress the poor.

If this can stand today (50 lbs. of meat) then, it will stand to reason that tomorrow, the government will tell you, you can only purchase two pairs of pants, two shirts, and two pairs of shoes. These are the things that happen when policymakers lose their way, have no clear vision, direction or purpose. Laws are enacted for the peace order and good governance of a people. It should never be enacted for crafty individuals to take advantage of the poor. WHEN YOU ARE POWERFUL, BE MERCIFUL.