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Threats Of Harm

Friday, 3rd February a line of human decency was crossed when news came that  threats of harm was made on the Prime Minister, Hon.Philip Davis of The Bahamas.  His security was instantly enhanced.

No one should  be at all surprise given the inflammatory information being posted on social media daily.

What is of concern, is the shameful stoney silence from civil society, and church leaders, the Bar Association, the Union leaders, and the fraternal organizations and Junkanoo leaders; the political organizations have not utter a word of condemnation against these miscreants whose heart has been darkened and would make such threats against the Prime Minister, and disrupt our way of life.

  Since September 1729, Elections have been taking place in the Bahamas. The losers of our election go home.  This is what makes us in The Bahamas one of the ordered Parliament in the Western hemisphere.

The Bahamas constitution demands that after a general election, the person commanding  the support of the majority of elected members is invited to form a new government for a period of not more than 5 years.

If there’s a dispute as to the veracity of any member’s victory at poll it can be challenged In a special election court.  This has been a tried and tested method over these many years.
  In this new social media dispensation,   libel, slander, and inflammatory speech directed at political figures has become the slippery slope of attempting to inflame the passion of a gullible segment of our populous and bring about social unrest with the goal of bringing about a premature ending of a political mandate. 
  When we, as a people, are no longer prepared to abide by constitutional norms  then chaos will surely follow.

  We only need to look at Haiti, our neighbour to the south, where some leaders thought that the bullet was a better way than the ballot box.  Haiti, today, is in a state of chaos.

Any person threatening the Prime Minister should be dealt with swiftly according to law.

Brian Seymour