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On Thursday evening, the Puppet Master, Brent Symonette, demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt who was indeed the leader of this country; he was aided, and abetted by the jelly back, impertinent Minister, Darren Henfield. The duo led the debate in the House of Assembly, regarding the amendment to the Immigration Act. An ill-conceived, anti- Bahamian, and unpatriotic piece of legislation. This amendment, when passed into law will set the country back 50 years. This ill-conceived, loophole riddled piece of legislation will open the floodgates. Those, who enter and work in the Bahamas at two weeks intervals will reduce the citizens of this country (black or white)to second-class citizens, and upset our unique cultural identity. These fools who lead us have gone too far.

So offensive was the bill that the Puppet Prime Minister was only able to find half of his MP’s to show up to vote in support of this damning legislation inclusive of senior cabinet ministers. Rather than speak truth to power, only one MP was able to find the courage on the government side, and say that this went against Bahamiaization. The rest of the 34 members of the government side, willingly, surrendered their manhood and became political eunuchs not wanting to offend Mr. Brent. In the end, 19 MP’s went over the political cliff, voted in favor; and, leader of the PLP, Davis voted against, and Freddy McAlpine abstained. History will not treat this greedy grouping of fifth columns, who for personal gains, surrender our country’s sovereignty.

As this bill is now before the Senate, it is hoped that wisdom will prevail, and this bill will be sent back to the lower house to die. The PLP must demonstrate to the people that it is for personal gain and monies that unpatriotic men now hold the reins of power. They Will Do Anything For the Love of Money including selling their country out, and must be opposed, and stopped by all means necessary within the Ambit of the law.

Brian Seymour