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Glenys Hanna-Martin, Shadow Minister of National Security, Aviation and Transport.

After the May 10th, 2017 general election, Glenys Hanna-Martin was the only surviving PLP, MP, on the island of New Providence.  Hanna-Martin is the daughter a former Deputy Prime Minister and Governor General, The Honorable Arthur Dion Hanna, one of the unapologetic architect of Bahamianization which have since become taboo under this FNM administration. So, it is no surprise that Hanna-Martin has stepped up to the plate (fifty-two) 52 years after her father had fought and won the battle, for the ordinary man. Hanna-Martin finds herself in a pinch battle; fighting the next generation of oligarchs who have recruited outsiders, under the guise of foreign investors, to purchase and manage the Port of Nassau; and then, move in to gobble up valuable government buildings to rent back to the government.  Hanna-Martin because of her upbringing, see these puppet MP’s being used by their overlords of yesteryear; and have used her platform in Parliament to warn Bahamian people that All That Glitters Is Not GOLD.  But, it is nothing more than a repackaging method of enslavement.  For warning the Bahamian people all of impending danger; Hanna-Martin as a true PATRIOT receives a Grade, B+.

Minister of Labour, Dion Foulkes

Minister Foulkes is, arguably, one of the most Senior experienced politician, and minister in the Minnis Administration. He represents one of the adults around the cabinet table to stop foolhardy and impetuous novice ministers from causing harm to themselves, and the country; on this score, he is ineffectual.  The expectation was that Foulkes would work closely with the unions, and promote harmony in the workplace.

Minister Foulkes has lost the political fire in his belly and, after this term, will likely go quietly into the goodnight with his minister’s pension.  It appears that he has no influence, whatsoever, around the cabinet table.  The labor unions from Inagua to Grand Bahama, under this FNM Administration, has suffered setbacks. The workers of this country have come to realize, they have no friend on the labor front, and a strike certificate is their only protection.  As the country moves from spring to summer, the country will experience  Industrial Action.  For shrinking in the face of adversity, Foulkes receives a grade of D+.

Romauld Ferreira, Minister of Housing and Environment

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.

This Minister was clearly supported by Saved
The Bays, an advertising organization, prior to 2017 general election. The advertising and promotion campaign was second to none. Two year’s after his election to Parliament their investment in him has gone south. As minister of the environment, he is Lost in Space, and clearly out of his depth. The dumping of bilge and sewage in Bahamian Waters by Carnival Cruise Lines proves to all that he lacks the requisite skills to represent our country, and is a major disappointment, and embarrassment to this most important and essential ministry he leads. He, like Rolle, does not qualify to be a minister, so he cannot be graded.

Minister of Agriculture, Michael Pintard

This minister is thought to be supported by Save The Bays advertising organization. Pintart, although and FNM, has not gelled with the organization; he is treated with suspicion. As minister of Agriculture, he has kept a low profile, and clearly is out of the loop; and he is biding his time, as a cabinet minister. He is a thinker, and has seemingly buried his talent in the ground; but has held his ground at the ministry, given the low priority placed on food security in this Administration. Grade C-.