Bruce Raine’s Asinine & Mistaken Commentary on Fred Mitchell

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The following letter was written to the editor of The Tribune and published on 22nd August.

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Our Minister of Foreign Affairs, Immigration and Passports, has gravitated from the Tribune Editorial columns now to A Comic’s View. If he could only stick to what he is supposed to be doing and encourage his employees to do the same, this country would not be seen as the joke that it is.

Six weeks for a passport unless you pay $200 for the fast track. Over the table that is. An employee of mine with dual Bahamas UK citizenship told me last week that he renewed his UK Passport in six days end to end with Fedex sending the old one over to London and bringing the new one back. Six days compared to six weeks. I think the US Embassy here can do a US passport renewal in two days. Bring in one day and collect the next.

Now what is it that they have that we don’t? Certainly not population. Maybe they concentrate more and don’t have as many food breaks, school runs and chit-chat, and the boss is actually in office most of the time. Maybe that’s it!

A Comic’s View – too funny.



22 August, 2015.

 Editor’s note:  The Minister answered this on Thursday 27th August while speaking at Kiwanis Over The Hill.  Mr. Raine’s commentary beside being incorrect is simply stupid.  Here is what the Minister said:

I smiled when I read a letter to the editor in The Tribune that praised the passport delivery system in Britain.  The letter writer conveniently forgot that about two or three years ago Britain had a backlog for passports that required a six month wait for passports.