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Garry Sinclair, the BTC CEO, in The Bahamas, has to be sent packing.  At least that is the advice which Union Chief Paul Maynard is giving to the country.  Mr. Maynard and other union colleagues were incensed by the comments of Mr. Sinclair which amongst others were as follows: “I’m sure my union partners’ intentions are pristine but we know what the road to hell is paved with…. For the life of me, this preposterous inclination to find a dark cloud behind every silver lining and to extend controversy rather than put it behind us as fast as we possibly can is disingenuous and not progressive.”

BTC is in deep trouble; largely because of bad management, under investment, and extracting profits from the company instead of investing in its future.  They now seek to blame the employees.  We agree with the Union.  Mr. Sinclair is not the right fit for here. As a matter of fact neither is the company itself.