Buddy Hield Sends A Message

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Buddy Hield, the former Oklahoma University basketball player gave back to the Darrell Sears Basketball camp in which he participated as a child in The Bahamas. He gave participants with words of encouragement.  The Tribune reported that he delivered a message via social media to the scores of camp participants. Here is what he said in his own words:

 “I just wanted to congratulate everyone on being there. I also just wanted to wish you guys the best as you started your journey. I know you want to go out there and pursue your dreams and I’m all for it. It all started for me there six years ago and all these things that came to me it didn’t just happen, I had to work for it.

 “I thank God for Coach Sears and the showcase and the timing. I’m in a position where everyone wants to be but I couldn’t do it by myself. I had a lot of help, family, a lot of coaches and God as the main focus of my life. 

 “I’m thankful for Coach Sears having this showcase where I was able to go out there and perform. All it takes is two days to play well and it can give you a chance. This has all been a blessing. Continue to be humble and keep working. I had to keep working when I faced adversity. You have to be in the right environment, have the right people around you and believe in your work ethic.” 

 “Make sure you stay on top of your books and stay on top of your school work. If you don’t do those things you’re not going to be able to make it in high school or college. You have to keep your grades up because if you don’t perform in the classroom, they’re not going to put you on the court. It’s the most important thing because if you don’t have those grades, you can’t play. School is the priority, you’re a student first and athlete second. 

 “I hope I can always keep on inspiring you all through this journey. There’s a lot more basketball I have left to play so I’m going to keep on being a role model for you all. I’m just glad to be able to say I’m from the Bahamas and to be in a position where I can assist and give back.”