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This pandemic is a serious matter but we be having jokes every day with these folks in the Free National Movement government. Peter Turnquest who is under attack for stupidly and ill advisedly taking on a 600 million dollars US loan at the exorbitant rate of 8.95 per cent was in the House of Assembly defending the stupid deal last week Wednesday 21 October 2020.  He was righteously indignant.  Spewing forth invective about how his critics were talking pie in the sky.  Sound and fury signifying nothing.  As we point out in another article in this column, The Punch which speaks for Hubert  Minnis, the Prime Minister, has been in a full throated attack on Mr. Turnquest and the loan deal.  We also show how stupid the deal is by an analysis contributed to us this week. See the story below.  The point we make here is that we don’t believe a word Mr. Turnquest says and while he is good at rage, his righteous indignation does not move us.  He can take his royal attitude and shove it. We simply point out that he does not need to impress sus.  He sits next to God, the Competent Authority, the Prime Minister Hubert Minnis.  The two an em got us into this mess. So don’t shout at us Mr. Turnquest in the House of Assembly, you sitteth at the right hand of the father.  That’s the guy you have to convince and he  seems to be  dissing you.