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The now Prime Minister Hubert Minnis ran a campaign in 2017 that portrayed him as a man of the people.  He came from poverty he claimed. He was one of the poor and he therefore should be given a chance because he would look out for them as Prime Minister. The public bought into this lie and nonsense and allowed him to become Prime Minister.

In practice the Prime Minister has not been a friend of the poor.  He has heaped taxes upon them, the most infamous was raising the Value Added Tax from 7. 5 per cent to 12.5 per cent without notice.  When people pleaded for relief, he refused to listen.  He did however listen to the people at Lyford Cay who complained about the new taxes that would affect their real property tax in the rich ghetto out west. The tax was immediately reduced.

So now we turn to the story of Jumbo ( not his real name).  Jumbo campaigned for Hubert Minnis.  Up to that time he had been a PLP supporter but this time, he was going to give the FNM a chance.  He was warned by his friends that he did not really know Hubert Minnis, that he was buying into a fiction, a pig in a poke. He didn’t listen and he went out on a limb for Mr. Minnis. He was spectacularly successful like many thousands of others hoodwinked by a man who is fundamentally cruel and spiteful.

 Suddenly, after the election and the new man in power, Jumbo’s voice could not be heard in public any more. It went silent.  Some months ago he was spotted in the streets and asked why he had not been more vocal.  He admitted that the times were tough. He had lost  his job since the FNM came to power and despite having the Prime Minister’s telephone number, he could not reach the Prime Minister on the phone.  It had become more urgent because the bank was threatening to take his house.

A few months later, he was spotted again.  This time he  had the look of a defeated man. He had lost his home. He had been living in an apartment.  His money gone. The best the FNM could do was a three months contract to weed the side of the road.  Other than that he still had not been able to contact the Prime Minister.

So this is the history of the FNM.  They lied to come to office.  They have a reputation for broken promises.  They have no feel for the poor. Yet they continue to govern as if nothing matters and nothing has changed.  They are oblivious to the human suffering all around them.

Jumbo is but one example. The question the PLP asks is whether or not people like Jumbo have learned their lesson and will vote for the PLP again or will stick with the man who fooled them once.

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