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viagra sale levitra times;”>Here’s the thing.  Every week the office of Fred Mitchell between the hours of 7 am and 9 am is crowded with mainly young people, viagra sales viagra but a good smattering of middle aged people and some old people.  There may be fifty or so in the room.  He sees them for two hours each week.  Without question, cure everyone is unemployed and everyone wishes to work for the government.

Sitting at a heads of government meeting in Antigua shortly after the new government of Gaston Brown was elected to office, Prime Minster Perry Christie was speaking to the young waiters and waitresses at the tables.  Why did they vote for the new government?  The waiters and waitresses said it was simple: they needed work and the new government promised the young people to find them jobs.  The old regime was not doing that so they decided to give the new government a chance.  If they don’t the waitress said we will vote them out the next time and try someone else.  Simple, plain and matter of fact. 

At the branch meeting for Fox Hill of the PLP ON Wednesday 18 November, Fred Mitchell the MP, gave a sober and matter of fact assessment of the PLPs position in The Bahamas today.  It was raw boned, bare bones and no holds barred.  At the end of the day, he hopes that the unity of the party and a complete recasting would help us move from where we are to victory at the polls again in 2017.

One of the young women came up to him after the meeting to apologize because she would be unable to accept a job at the Christmas Carnival.  She said that she was willing to wait until something in the government opened up.  Mr. Mitchell apologized that there was little recruitment going on at the moment in government. She looked at him and said: “Don’t worry, we trust you.  We know you have our back. And we have yours”.

The conventional wisdom is that Hubert Minnis butchers the Queen’s English; his own party does not seem to be united on the question of his leadership.  But here is a man who to help his keep sold Tribunes as a boy, then packed groceries at Super value and then had the experience of having to sit out chronically perennially the first few days of term at St. Augustine’s because  his parents did not have the fees and all the embarrassment of that.  It would be therefore a mistake to underestimate him. The PLP shouldn’t, just like the pro Hubert pro Loretta Turner forces in the FNM. While they were talking about the Queen’s English, he was working and got himself elected leader at the Convention. 

We know for a fact that speaking English is not a prerequisite for being Prime Minister. We elected Hubert Ingraham who was a master at butchering the Queen’s English, so that won’t fly.  Hubert Minnis is also not Tommy Turnquest no silver spoon was in the mouth of Dr. Minnis.

Where does this all lead?  The PLP was elected with 47 per cent of the vote last time. Eight per cent went to Branville McCartney and the DNA and 45 went to the FNM.   53 is greater than 47.  53 can make more noise than 47.  This is all the more the case when the people who have the 53 own the media.

Bottom line, the PLP has its work cut out for it.  It had better get these young people to work or its history and toast. They have no sentiment and it is better not to leave it until it’s too late so they take the jobs and suck their teeth as they vote us out at the polls.  One waiter at Melia told a supporter of the PLP, the big man thinks he can just get the jobs at Bahamar going and all will be alright but we are waiting for him.

The PLP had better not be living in a bubble, with sirens flashing, zipping around the country and policemen and defence officers saluting, civil servants telling you yes minister and doing nothing.  Mr. Mitchell told his branch that the PLP is not living in a bubble.  The country does not appear to be convinced that he is right.

When you call the election, there may be a big surprise in store. 

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