Cameron Is Supercilious

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viagra canada times;”>Last week, David Cameron, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, withstood the firestorm of controversy when it was revealed in the Panama Papers leak that his dad held a business investment in The Bahamas in which Mr. Cameron held a share up to just before he became Prime Minister.  Mr. Cameron claimed that in order to avoid a conflict, he sold the interest and received 30,000 pound which he repatriated to the United Kingdom.   For that he was called in the House of Commons “Dodgy Dave”.  The MP who said it, refused to take the words back and was turfed out of the House for the day.  So Dodgy Dave it is.  This matter of the British and their sanctimoniousness has  gone beyond the Pale. Last week, Fred Mitchell MP wrote a letter to the Bahamian press defending the late Bishop Solomon Humes who the British singled out as somehow doing something wrong for acting as an employee in one of the British companies here in The Bahamas in connection with the Cameron investment.  The Sun newspaper went further last week and took a picture of where the late Mr. Humes lived and said he lived in a ramshackle house in poverty while being Vice President of this rich trust.  A press complaint should be filed against The Sun for the viciousness of that report and the basic unfairness of it.   These are the same people who trained Ivan Johnson.