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viagra generic buy times;”>bseymourBaha Mar can be likened to a race car leading the race all around and with the finish line in sight runs out of gas.  Then, diagnosis it is over taken by a lesser car.  The jockeying and the insulting antics of Sarkis Izmirilian seem to be leading to the final chapter that the developer of the new Riviera is broke.  He is unlikely to raise any more capital to take the mega development across the finish line.

generic times;”>Today a letter was sent to Bahar Mar employees thanking them for their support and justifying the actions of the company in filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  It went on to say that drastic steps might have to be taken; this signaled to all that the end is near.

The government of the Bahamas with its delegation on their way to China now has to revert to plan B which is as follow:

                The first step is to ensure the smooth exit of the present developer;

                Negotiate with the general contractor the completion of the project ASAP; and

The government is to locate a suitable developer to take over the development and management of the new Rivera with the economic wherewithal to handle a project of that magnitude.

Properly mobilized it is believed that the project can be completed in two months.  And, it is generally believed that we are able to take advantage of this 2015 winter season.  The government of the Bahamas has to date exercised great forbearance in dealing with Sarkis Izmirilian.  Delaying the project can only do damage to our country’s reputation.

Brian Seymour