Candia: Delilah and Jezebel

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The Bible is a pretty well written book.  It’s extraordinary for a text written thousands of years ago how they got it right in so many ways.  Just examine the Book’s stories on two women characters in the Bible Delilah and Jezebel.  When you read stories written by Candia Dames of the Nassau Guardian, you cannot help but think back to those characters.  The charm of middle aged breasts is still working their magic or evil depending on which side of the divide you are on.

In her weekly rant called the National Review she attacked Fred Mitchell, the new Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party.  He responded in the press statement below.

But here is what an anonymous correspondent had to add about Ms. Dames and her column:

These are the facts the PLP has new leadership one. Six months after the general elections the FNM is floundering, as mistake after mistake has become self-evident.  The economy in Grand Bahama is in dire straits and all we see is posturing. The Prime Minister dances every weekend while hundreds of roofs throughout the Commonwealth need attention and are caught up in bureaucratic red tape. A sure sign of blindness and deafness. Finally Samson had his Delilah and The Guardian has the irrepressible unethical editor Ms Dames whose job it is nowadays to buy the Free National Movement government time in order for them to learn how to govern the country.  What the new PLP team is about is going throughout the country setting up their branches and putting the Progressive Liberal Party on a solid footing to ensure that the PLP becomes the next government of the Bahamas. You can lead a horse to water Ms. Dames but you can’t make him drink. Your family and allies in the FNM just don’t have it and has thus far failed miserably.