Candia Says She Is Not Intimidated

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best viagra sales times;”>Description: 

cialis times;”>It is amazing when you don’t have anything in your head but rely on your charms to get ahead in your profession.  You get to think of yourself as the centre of the universe, like it’s all about you.  Such is the disposition of Candia Dames, the Nassau Guardian’s Managing Editor, with her anti PLP, anti-Perry Christie bent.   In response to the stuff said about her in the Communication to Parliament by Fred Mitchell MP on 24th February that she was unethical, her reply was that she was not intimidated.  Darling heart, no one is trying to intimidate you.  Just trying to get you to write the truth and to be truthful and ethical in your profession.  We would all be better for it.  Watch tomorrow when National Review appears in the Guardian, one set of invective, another set of lies all to defend her indefensible position with regard to the stories on the release of the two Cubans.