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Carnival has signed an agreement to build two of “the largest floating dry docks ever built” at Grand Bahama Shipyard, President and CEO of Carnival Corporation Arnold Donald announced on 12 May 2022. He said the docks will be operational in 2024. 

Giora Israel is one of the Carnival Bosses who was proudest at the groundbreaking for the new  Carnival Port in Freeport which was announced in the presence of Prime Minister Philip Davis in Freeport on Thursday 12 May 2022.  The Carnival group also announced that they will be spending some 300 million dollars to build two new docks at their shipping facility on Freeport.  In less than one year, the Prime Minister Philip Davis and  his government have been able to clear away the regulatory issues and ground is now broken, work  has actually begun in East Grand Bahama.  Kwasi Thompson, the former Minister of State, for the Free National Movement issued a statement pooh poohing the investment.  Chairman of the PLP Fred Mitchell replied that no matter which “Bah Humbug” there was, the PLP had delivered for Grand Bahama where the FNM had failed.