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On Thursday 3rd January 2019 there was chaos and bedlam on the University of The Bahamas’s campus.  The reason students claimed and the pictures seemed to show that there were lines as far as the eye could see of students waiting to pay their fees for school.  The University that has had this problem and black eye before, trotted out the same excuses we heard before.  This was a combination of those trying to get their scholarships done and the periodic payments schedule done and late registration.  Thus, the pile up of people on the lines.  Question you ask yourself though is: if the same thing happens every term, should you be doing something differently.  This is now a university and so we don’t expect this. That’s all. PLP Vice Chairs Erecia Hepburn, Renika Knowles, Terrance Bethel and PYL Member Glenisha Albury were present to interact with the students and see for themselves the issues.