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Photo Nassau Guardian 7 April 2020 at Solomon’s Fresh Market in Freeport

Last week the Prime Minister Hubert Minnis took to the floor of the House of Assembly on Monday 6 April 2020 to say that he was asking the House to agree to extend the declaration of the state of public emergency in the country until 30th April 2020.  He got the concurrence of the House. The PLP said it supported the measures but had difficulties with what the Prime Minister announced in its execution.  The man objection was the chaos which would obviously ensue when the supermarkets opened the next morning. The situation was utter chaos the next morning as predicted. The Government was clueless.  They came up with cockamamie schemes like extending the hours of shopping to 10 pm, only they forgot that the curfew began at 9 pm. They also  created a special day for the essential workers. They missed the whole point.  They created the mess by the order given to confine the people to their homes. They should just have left the matter alone and taken other measures to stop the spread of the virus. The day after utter chaos in both Freeport and in Nassau, one of the stores came up with scheme to give everyone number and then when your number was called you would come to the store.  The FNM then congratulated itself on this system. They said the people of Freeport finally caught some sense. The FNM are masters at creating confusion, then when they solve the self-made confusion, they are masters at congratulating themselves on what a good job they have done.