Chief Justice Is Making A Mistake Closing The Court In Exuma

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Chief Justice Brian Moree shows how out of touch with reality he is and why he is not fit for the job of Chief Justice.  After all the patient hard work and lobbying that was done by the PLP to establish a permanent magistrate in Exuma, the Chief Justice has decided that that is all to be scrapped in favour of a circuit or itinerant magistrate.  Exuma is gone beyond the point of a circuit Magistrate;  there is a need of a permanent magistrate.  The level of crime and the sophistication of the society demands it. But as with all FNM appointees, they all believe that the history of life began when they were appointed.  Now the people are to be disadvantaged again by the withdrawal of the Magistrate and  back to the old days of someone visiting for a few days a month if that.