Chipman To Rollins Stay Out Of Big People’s Business

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try times;”>Hubert Chipman MP Public Accounts Committee Chair

sales times;”>In what appears to be a continuing feud in the Free National Movement Opposition party, Hubert Chipman the  Opposition’s Chair of the Public Accounts Committee told the House that the Committee’s report on the government’s finances for Urban Renewal is soon to come.  He did this after one of his own members the newly minted FNM Dr. Andre Rollins got up in his presentation on Wednesday 27th January to say that the Government was seeking to suppress the report.  The Prime Minister objected.  Mr. Rollins resisted but was put in his place by his own member Mr. Chipman who asked him to cease and desist speaking about it because the report was almost ready and  the Government had nothing to do with it.  Mr. Rollins said he stood by his remarks   The lesson to Mr. Rollins is that when you are part of party you can’t simply jump and say any foolishness that comes to your mouth.  The lesson to the FNM: “we told you so.”