Chris Symonette Former PYL Chair Responds To His Arrest

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15 February 2019

Statement by Chris Symonette following the Victimization of PLPs

Many have been trying to contact me with well-wishes and an outpouring of love. Thanks for your prayers. I am going to need them.  It took me 57 years to build my character and 30 years to build my businesses. My character and business dealings are within my control.

My reputation, on the other hand, is left for others to define. Until now, my reputation has been reflective of my character. They attempted to destroy all that I’ve built in one day.

I say that they attempted because a war is not won in an instance. There are many battles ahead. Truth is the ultimate vindicator. Evil will not triumph. With God, I will win the war, clear my name, and restore my reputation.

My character, though, remains intact. Integrity, honesty, and hard work remain my hallmarks.

There is a penalty for these malicious accusations. Government and others will pay for the reputational and professional damages caused.