Christian Council President Does Not Know  His History

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sildenafil viagra times;”>It seemed to us that Rev. Ranford Patterson is suffering a complete and utter knowledge deficit about Majority rule and what it means to The Bahamas.  In an address to the Majority Rule Service sponsored by the Bain and Grants Town Development Association on 10th January, viagra he said that he did not know what it was like before 1967 and then showed that he was woefully ignorant of it all.  The line that seemed most out of order is when he said “ they told me how that crew was but all I know is that this crew is worse than that crew. “  By that reasoning Rev. Patterson is saying that the present leaders of the country are worse than the racist Sir Stafford Sands and the crooks who ran the UBP.   Interesting. A damnable lie and an example of woeful ignorance by our national leaders.