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President of the Bahamas Christian Council Bishop Delton Fernander

Bishop Delton Fernander, President of the Bahamas Christian Council,  has written a letter to the Government to plead for the opening of Churches.  Thus said the Lord. The Tribune reported that the churches want to open with some restrictions for Sunday worship and improvements with the numbers allowed at funerals.  The churches want to have at least 30 per cent of its membership in the building worshipping. There would be the usual distance requirements and masks. Since this started the Anglican Church has laid off its staff and cut teacher’s salaries by 50 per cent.  They plan to lay the teachers off at the end of the term. Golden Gates Assembly has also laid off its staff and  others are coming down the pike. The reason is the same as why the law firms laid off their people.  No money coming in. We blame the church, however, they should never have agreed to a total shut down in the first place.