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22 October 2020


Earlier today, PLP Senator Clay Sweeting issued an urgent plea to the government for help on behalf of the people of Central Eleuthera.

“For God’s sake, please turn the water on. We have been without water for two days now, and are being told we will not have water for at least another two days. Water is essential for life. In the middle of this Covid-19 pandemic, our people are already battling a health crisis. The curfews and lockdowns have caused an economic crisis. Without water we will struggle to survive.”

Senator Sweeting noted that water is a critical need for people to be able to clean and sanitize in order to protect themselves from the Covid-19 virus.

“With the healthcare system on the island now fully collapsed, Eleutherans are desperately trying to protect themselves. All clinics on the island are closed and the cost of an emergency flight to Nassau can cost up to $8,000. Without jobs and unemployment at an all time high, people just don’t have that kind of money.”

Senator Sweeting praised the healthcare and frontline workers, who, he said, “have performed impeccably, but without proper equipment and facilities they are putting their own lives at risk every single day.”

He added: “People are frustrated and angry that the plan to build a mini-hospital in Eleuthera was cancelled, without a replacement plan put in place to improve healthcare on the island. Why was this done?” 

He pleaded with the government to listen to the cries of the people of Eleuthera, and turn the water on. “People are tired of the politics. For us, this is a matter of life and death.”