Cleophas Adderley Dies

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We were saddened by the news that the Musical and Artist Director of the Bahamas National Youth Choir Cleophas Adderley has died.  Mr. Adderley died on Wednesday 5 July following a long battle with cancer.  Mr. Adderley was 62 years old.  Mr. Adderley was chosen by the late Winston Saunders to be the first Director of the National Youth Choir which was founded in 1992 to mark the 500th anniversary of the Columbus encounter with the new world.  The choir excelled beyond Mr. Saunders’ wildest imagination and showed that the choice was an inspired one.  Mr. Adderley’s repertoire of international, regional and Bahamian music wowed crowds across the globe.  He trained scores of young people in music and exposed them to a life which they would otherwise never experienced.  May he rest in peace.