Clint Watson, The TV Host, Talks About The Power Cuts

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(From FB page 3 August 2019)

ENough is enough!!!!! For three hours last night beginning at 1:20am my family’s sleep was interrupted because of the heat due to another load shedding exercise. It was sheer frustration for a three year old who couldn’t sleep and couldn’t understand why it was so hot and dark. For me, after a long week, I felt robbed of much needed rest. I listened to my three year old gasping for air as she tried to find relief. “DAddy can you turn on the air conditioning? Daddy can you turn on the light?” I could sense her desperation but I could not bring her relief. It was at this point that it really hit me! Clint why do you have to settle for this? Why are scores of Bahamians enduring would seems to be endless discomfort week after week, and no one has raised up to say “Enough is Enough!” The light bills continue to be high! We pay them! But we do not get proper service each month! Instead we accept ridiculous statements from an incompetent, untruthful, bully of a board at BPL who for weeks changed their story every time they offered an explanation. Now, because they’ve run out of answers they no longer say anything. We have let them sell us this story that for the entire summer and fall we will experience what we consider torture and there is nothing we can do about it while they continue to be paid their enormous fat salaries. And we have let them off the hook by selling us a Crazy reason of system inadequacies which they feel will justify us suffering in silence for six months. I am challenging every Bahamian to not settle in 2019 for this! Our country is in a state of emergency! We cannot supply consistent and basic power to the population! This is no time to sit back and suffer! The government has failed its people! Not one person has been made accountable for this atrocity. Something is wrong! Heads must roll! This is not the time to keep silence! The Bahamas is in trouble. Tonight it’s the discomfort of my family not brought on by a hurricane or some other unavoidable accident but instead by crookedness, and incompetency. What about those Bahamians whose life depends on electricity? Those who are on medication or machines? Those with infants or elderly? Will it come to death for us to wake up? It’s the people’s time to take charge and demand better now!