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The four proposed amendments to the constitution were supposed to be slam dunks. We all or so it seemed, cialis sale here believed in the equality of women. We all agreed that they should not be the objects of discrimination or so it seemed. We all agreed that Bahamian men should be able to pass their citizenship to their children whether they are married or not to the mother. It seemed like we all believed in these things. It appears that is so only as a general proposition. The devil is in the details. Now it looks like the referendum questions should they even be put to the people will be doomed before they start because neither the PLP nor the FNM have the discipline to keep their members in line or on track and get this thing done.

Glenys Hanna Martin who moved the bills on Wednesday 6th August gave a comprehensive and clear presentation on what this is really about. These four bills are about equality for women in the constitution and for the children of men born out of wedlock. Nothing more nothing less. This not about same sex marriage, cialis sales nor is it about saving the country from an assault by foreign men.
Our Members of Parliament should be honest with this: if they hate gay people then they should say so but not try to use this as a smoke screen to stop women from getting the rights they deserve. Similarly, if our MPs hate women and do not believe that they should have equal rights, they should say that but not try to put a cloud, saying that you want the legislation to be retroactive before you can support it.

The worst of them is Loretta Butler Turner whose presentation in the House of Assembly supposedly to support the bills was the most dishonest and double speaking presentation on the subject. Yes she said that she supports the bills. However, she then went down the road of rehashing what the PLP did in 2002 to stop the equal rights amendments in 2002 and said that if the referendum succeeds it will only succeed because the FNM helped and if it fails it is down to the account of the PLP. She was joined in this fallacious argument by their Party Chair Darren Cash who claimed that the PLP needed to apologise for not supporting the referendum in 2002. The Prime Minister told Mr. Cash not to hold his breath. As they say in Odle Corner: ya ma!

By this same false logic then, Loretta Butler Turner has to accept that the FNM must then bear responsibility for the failure of the referendum in 2002, not the PLP as she seeks now to do.
The point is as Dame Billie Miller likes to say: you cannot reprobate and approbate at the same time. In other words you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Loretta Butler Turner, Hubert Minnis and the FNM have to decide whom they will serve on this one.

If they want this to succeed then the FNM should shut the fuck up with all this stupidness about who did what in 2002. They are making themselves look like damn fools in the process and she looking like a silly witch. What the hell has that got to do with where we are in 2014. Not a damn thing. The point is what is the right thing to do today.

The right thing to do is to vote for these four bills in the House and then vote yes in the referendum on 6th November. We don’t need to hear anything else on this matter from the FNM or anyone else.

The PLP and the FNM agreed that this matter would be handled by the Constitutional Commission. That Commission came up with these bills which we are sure represents a compromise of many things. But it was their job to strike the compromise

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. Why are PLP MPs now trying to play lawyer and FNM MPs trying to change the deal? We have a deal. Let us pass this package and move on. We are going to dither and dither until the whole thing goes down in flames.

We add only that the statute law should be amended, the Bahamas Nationality Act to do what these bills seek to do if they fail and let’s hope that this helps women and the children of Bahamian men born out of wedlock. That should be our plan B.

We warned the PLP that fighting a campaign in this day and time cannot be done by a minister, a pointer and a rational argument. No can do. Please if the FNM cannot stick by their deal, shut up and support these bills unequivocally and without dissent then get the hell out of it and move on to something else. The mark of Cain will be upon the head of Loretta and her other band of red man for scuttling the last opportunity this decade to do anything about this.

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