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Former Prime Minister Hubert Minnis with former Foreign Minister Darren Henfield.

The story was in the days when they were in power together that Darren Henfield, the then Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Prime Minister Hubert Minnis, were like  two peas in a pod.  In other words, it is Mr. Henfield was the twiddle dum to Mr. Minnis as twiddle dee.  You could not have one without the other.

So imagine the surprise then of the country when the Minister for Immigration Keith Bell made an allegation of abuse in an embassy of The Bahamas and called no names about the abuse. 

The former Minister Mr. Henfield weighed in with a statement.  He said that Mr. Bell could only be talking about the embassy in Brussels. Oh really! He went further and said that he did not know anything about what Mr. Bell was talking about, and asked for an investigation.

Now that is interesting.  The next thing we heard was the former Prime Minister Hubert  Minnis started singing like a canary.  Lots of explanations which amount to the horse is dead and the cow is fat.  Of course, he also chopped up the English language by trying to say word disingenuous but mashed it right up.

The problem for him is the stories were going round for days that the had a special interest in Brussels.  Now his words seemed to confirm it.  How was he aware of all the arcane details?  Hmmm!