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This is said to be a photograph of  Jonathan Ash, the star witness for the Crown in the case against Shane Gibson and the upcoming case against Kenred Dorsett, both former Ministers of The Government. The photograph together with videos appeared on line and it is alleged that this exchange  took place outside a liquor establishment owned by Mr. Ash and it appeared that this was a violation of the law as presently stands, with police protection. The response of the Commissioner of Police is below:



It has come to the attention of the Commissioner of Police that liquor licensed premises are open and selling liquor to members of the public, at a time when non-essential business establishments are ordered to be closed; and that police officers are present on the property. The Commissioner is also aware of a video circulating on social media of an unmarked police vehicle on the premises of a liquor establishment. 

The Commissioner of Police wished to inform the public that at this present time he has no authority to permit the sale of liquor by any establishment, nor did he sanction the presence of any police officer at any liquor licensed premises.

The Commissioner of Police has directed the Deputy Commissioner of Police, who had responsibility for discipline within the Organization, to immediately conduct an investigation into this matter, the results of which will be made public in due course. 

The Commissioner of Police wishes to thank members of the public for bringing this matter to his attention.