Conch Poisoning Raises Its Head Again

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So the Minister of Health Duane Sands was in the press with his grave face on to say that he had reports of 4 confirmed cases of conch poisoning and six suspected cases.  Some people had to be hospitalized with a runny stomach and weakness.  The Health Ministry issued a notice to say that the offending bacteria was one called vibrio parahaemolyticus.  It’s easy to solve the problem.  It’s called hygiene.  The bacteria lives in salt water and it’s usually a problem after heavy rains in the seas nearby the coast.  How do we know?  Well when Peery Christie was the Minister of Health way back in 1977 to 1982, he prided himself on knowing how to pronounce the name of the bacteria.  He went all around town saying it. There was a bigger problem back then and the Government resolved to put fresh water at all the spots: the Montagu Ramp, Potters Cay.  Arawak Cay hadn’t quite developed yet.  But as with many things in The Bahamas no one remembers and we have a problem keeping up standards.  For the second week in a row we are publishing the picture of the nasty conditions in and around the Montagu Ramp, yet each day people are there within sight of that nastiness busying fresh fish and conch. As usual, there were some deniers who said that the Ministry of Health was trying to wreck their business.