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We wish to add our congratulations to George Weech, the MP for Bimini and the Berry Islands from 1982 to 1987, after whom the new Government Administration Building in Bimini has been commissioned and named. The ceremony took place with the Prime Minister Philip Davis doing the honours. Mr. Davis recounted that it was in 1982 that the idea of a  Government administration building for Bimini was mooted with the purchase shortly after Mr. Weech became MP of the island from the old Lerner Marine Lab.  Thirty nine years later that dream has become a reality.  Mr. Weech in a moving address at the ceremony said that when he first raised the issue with the then MP for North Andros Loftus Roker of  building the building he had no idea that time that  the building would one day be named after him. Congratulations again to Mr. Weech for a job well done.