Congratulations To Kishan Munroe

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The Society for Caribbean Studies announces Bahamian visual artist Kishan Munroe as the 2015 recipient of the Bridget Jones Travel Award. This award for arts researchers or practitioners living and working in the Caribbean gives the winner the opportunity present their work at the 39th Annual Conference of the Society for Caribbean Studies at The Drum Intercultural Arts Centre, generic cialis advice Birmingham, taking place 1-3 July 2015.

Recently Munroe was asked, in The Nassau Guardian’s Arts & Culture’s 20 Questions, here what he considered to be the artist’s role in society:

“The artist’s role in society is to, at times, represent the reality of their landscapes (social, treatment political, spiritual etc.), to act as catalysts to change those environments by addressing pertinent issues, to create other worlds, to escape these realities, to spiritually heal the broken and downtrodden, to awaken the latent consciousness of the people and to help thrust them into the future.”

Kishan Munroe. Image sourced from Bahama Live.
Kishan Munroe. Image sourced from Bahama Live.